Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bondi 7:12am – waist to shoulder high, totally closing out
The 06:21am low tide was detrimental to the surf down at Bondage dis mornin’. Waves were pretty much shutting down as they collapse on the exposed sand banks. You couldn’t even get to your feet – so until the water comes back, forgut-about-it. (high tide 13:04). Nevertheless, you’d find great waves elsewhere as the swell is clean, sun is shining and wind is non existent. Wind: NW winds 5/10 knots tending N/NE 10/15 knots in the afternoon. So if you time it well with the incoming tide, and before the N-Easter blows later today – you probably score some good stuff. How good is this weather? Maximum of 24 degrees. Tomorrows surf conditions will be similar – that early morning low tide won’t be doing any favours at Bondi. Barely got a shot of anyone standing up today.

Mojo Pacific are having another designer furniture sale this week. It starts on Thursday 23rd September and runs 4 days until Sunday 26th September. So if the apartment is looking a little bare, and you’re looking for some great furniture at a great price, I would get along to the container sale. They’ve really got some cool stuff. Go to www.mojopacific.com.au to see the sale items.

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