Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Bondi 7am – waist high with slightly bigger sets
When the weather is this good, I reckon we all deserve a day off. It’s impeccably sunny with next to no wind this morning. Surf has dropped off overnight, leaving us with beginner friendly – waist high waves, and occasionally larger sets that don’t really go anywhere. Once again the early low tide robbed these classic conditions of any chance for producing a wave worth hootin’ about. In saying that, there would be fun waves at beaches that handle the lower tide better with better sand banks (warning – it will be much smaller in the arvo). So it’s a glorious day. If you can’t go for a swim, hell…go stand in the sun because summer is here. (Well sort of..) Sorry for the late report. (and I haven’t been standing in the sun all day) Wind: NW 10/15 knots tending N/NW 15/25 knots in the afternoon reaching 25/30 knots offshore later. Expect micro conditions for the next two days.

For the past month I have been getting my fruit and veg home delivered from local lad Sam Davies and his company Go Fresh. Gotta tell ya, well worth getting on board, produce is top notch – direct from the markets…it’s really cost effective too (get 20% of your 1st order if you enter AQUA code when purchasing online). Go to to check it out.

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