Thursday, September 30, 2004

Bondi 7am – waist to shoulder high – onshore junk
Not looking too flash down Bondage this morning. The swell has come up but so has the wind (15 knots of onshore SE). Quite a few beginners out enjoying the uncrowded conditions…I would save your energy for the weekend – because it’s looking reeeeaaal noooice for the 3 day break. Tomorrow is going to be junky double head high and then will clean up for Saturday and Sunday. Plenty of waves to be had. Today’s weather has switched back to winter mode. It’s going to rain today and tomorrow with chilly temps (19 today, 17 tomorrow). High tide 09:07 Low tide 15:19.

For the past month I have been getting my fruit and veg home delivered from local lad Sam Davies and his company Go Fresh. Its a great service. 20% off for Aquabumps subscribers – just go to this website and choose what you want, entering the discount code AQUA during check out process.

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