Monday, October 11, 2004

Bondi 6:12am – super clean, waist high, occasional good set
Hola! Cracker morning with perfect sunshine and glassy conditions – loads of people out for the early. Pity the swell decreased overnight leaving us with waist high (occasionally bigger on sets if you’re patient). Great waves on the weekend, hope ya got a few.

Got a few emails requesting more sunrise shots. Well…I’ve kinda got to get up at 4:30am – 5am in order to catch the sunrise at the moment. (I’m keen… but…ermm 5am? I need sleep too) When day light saving kicks in it will be easier to get out of the rack in time.

Wind: NW 10/15 knots tending NE in the afternoon and freshening to 15/20 knots in the evening. Max of mega 25 degrees – yyyyyeeeeehha! Swell is going to be very small all week. Tiny in fact.

Ben Dunn took out the Hot Buttered Pro Junior at North Narrabeen yesterday. His name will now be placed on the winner’s roll alongside names like Mark Occhilupo, Tom Carroll & Kelly Slater. Nice one – scored $7k too!

Ever wondered where the Hang Loose hand signal ("shaka") came from? Some say it mimics drinking beer (in Hawaii)…here’s a couple of other theories.

Best get back to work now…adios::u-g-i-o-

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