Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Booondhi – 6am zilch, zip, nada, flat
Any flatter and I think we would be heading into the negative values. It’s a pancake. Probably the flattest I’ve ever seen it and Yep.. still a crowd of 12 or so out surfing the micro shorey. That’s the good thing about running a website from Bondi – there is always someone out regardless of conditions. A corker of a day heading to a top of 30 degrees. Now ya torkin’. Forget surfing this week, (unless you’re beginning) – its going to be tiny.

Speaking of tiny surf, I just scored myself a new fish shape for summer shaped by Tamarama board designer Andrew Harris. Goes like a rocket in small surf. If you are after a new board, give Andrew a buzz (02)9938 6076 and talk it up. Mention you’re from Aquabumps to get a good deal.

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