Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bondi 6:30am – better waves in my hair
Aloha. It’s perfect. Perfectly flat and sunny that is. The shots today are a little misleading, as I waited around 20 minutes for a decent set to roll through which could only be ridden on a mal/jetski/surf ski/rescue board/Tana’s speed boat/hand pod/lylo/submarine/dolphin…so best grab the beach umbrella, a good mag, baby oil (if that’s what you’re into e.g. Karl + Paul + Mannie), and head down for a dog paddle as it’s going to be a spectacular 27 degrees. Winds will swing from SW to SE onshore this afternoon, so the earlier the better. Hell, now is a real good time. Work?…what work. Tomorrow afternoon conditions will improve with a swell increase. Be good for the Billabong Pro Junior which is being held up at North Narra up until Saturday 8th Jan.

North Bondi SLSC is holding the Easts Bondi Rough Water ocean swim this Sunday 9th Jan 2005 at 10am. Circuit around Bondi Beach – North Bondi, out past Ben Buckler, south towards Mackenzie’s Point, in towards the Icebergs, then back north to North Bondi. The SLSC are pledging $5 from each entrant to Asian Tsunami Appeal (OXFAM). Get your entry forms from

Australian surf safari operators in Sumatra have created their own tsunami relief effort, with five boatloads of food and medical supplies on the way to remote islands and three more to follow. Quicksilver and Billabong both donating $500k each. More Info on SMH

Two people are missing off Rotto after their empty dinghy has been found. More Info on SMH

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