Friday, January 07, 2005

Bondi 7:30am – bigger (slightly) and bumpy with onshores
The good news is that the swell has come up slightly overnight. The bad news is the South easterlies came with it producing junky/bumpy surf at Bondi this morning. Expect waves around waist to shoulder high at South facing beaches, which hopefully will get bigger as the day progresses.

Sun is out, and surfing in boardies now a reality – Yeeeoooo. It’s only going to be 23 degrees today; water is a cosy 21 degrees, high tide 6am then low tide 12:42 then High tide again at 18:31. There’s some decent banks around, just need the right conditions. Tomorrow looks better in size (with arvo onshores like today). The Billabong Pro Junior @ North Narrabeen will be decent viewing tomorrow. Get down there to see the future champs rip it to shreds.Comp Site

The Bondi Boardriders are holding their monthly(ish) comp on Sunday at 7am. Hit the hill near the skate ramp to register with Ian Wallace or Ben Davies. Me thinks waves on Sundee at Boondee too.

If you’re planning a big surf trip over seas this year, I’m coming… Will take photos if you pay for my way. Always good having a poster sized print in your lounge of you shacked of your noooona to remember the trip by. Even wallet sized prints available when you’re trying to impress the ladies at the bar…mowohahah! Contact Us

Oh yeah, got heaps of girl Aquabumps tees in the online store. (you’re probably sick of hearing about ’em! Buy Big!

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