Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I generally get bit too excited about things to the point where it’s annoying. No not A.D.D (I think). Was a psycho frotha from whippersnipperhood. I’m exceptionally excited about today. No, Bondi ain’t smokin’, but so many other places would be for these reasons:

a)  The current south swell hasn’t done the phantom (did I read the charts upside down yesterday), in fact it looks more consistent than yesterday and lining up more betterer. Bondi had sets around 4-5 foot solid, but its totally straight and closing out. In fact most beaches around the joint don’t have banks – so head to a reef outta town. Bake it. Few sneaky favs would be lightn’ up…

b)  It’s going to be an optimum 28 degrees and sunny today. Just saw the beach. It’s already packed.

c)  Winds are NW offshores…then NE in the arvo …all suitable for a south facing beach.

d)  Low tide 5:51pm (will close out even more on low) – high tide 11am – should put some pork in the peaks out the back.

Wildcard Stephanie Gilmore just won the HAVAIANAS BEACHLEY CLASSIC off Layne Beachley in the finals at Manly today…detail

Surfing Surfaris :: Matty Gye and Shagga, producers and directors of "3 Degrees", Montaj, "A DAY IN THE LIFE" – are showing their latest flick "Surfing Surfaris" 7pm Tonight at the Randwick Ritz, those Get tix at the door… webby

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