Friday, October 13, 2006

Some things are best straight…like the photos hanging in my gallery, or driving in a straight line on the freeway, or straight tequila, or Benny Bullbar, or how about a line up on a crowded pub pee wall…but straight ain’t good for waves. A real kill joy. Straight is the best word to describe ‘bOndi’ today. ‘Flies’ would come second.

The good weather and early 4:52am first light is dragging everyone out of bed. Bondi was packed at 6:30am with all sorts. Doing what I do I get to meet a lot of funny and interesting people (and Bondi attracts its share of variety). Whilst in the south end I met a Scottish, regal, posh character – Charles…on holiday…with what seems a small herom in tow. He’s sounds like he’s been partying a bit. …heard this story before? In search of his princess Mary perhaps?

This south swell continues. All charts say nada el zippo, but this swell just won’t go away. If only we had something for it to break on. Head high sets, and it may improve when the tide fills in (1pm high). Outta town would still be smokin’. It’s a perfect sunny day as we bake it up to thirty-5 fat degrees. Early NW winds will swing NE and freshen. Fine tomorrow, late south change will bring clouds and rain for Sunday.

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