Friday, October 20, 2006

Bintang. The Indonesian word for Star & name of their national beer. Have you ever wondered why Indonesia has such a good tasting beer seeing the locals don’t really drink it? These little smiling guys don’t scull a 6 pack on the way to bathroom like Big Tom at the Beach Road. Just not in their culture.

Well the reason being Indonesia used to be a Dutch colony, with the focus of attention being Java. The Dutch make good beer (Heineken) and left behind their advanced brewing techniques for us to enjoy decades later. So there you have it. Thought that red star looked familiar on the Bintang bottle? You’ll find it on the old Heinekein label as well. Enough rambles.

Well we’ve still got a small swell up here in Bali and the winds are a little wonky. Not many places working. But you’ll still find some joy little beachies packed with Warungs where you can surf, OD on nasi goreng, drink bintangs, buy a sarong, get a massage all for under 5 bucks (4 if you haggle and throw around some broken Bahasa).

Back in Sydney its seems to be a work day with tiny swell and north west winds. Clouds will rock into town as a south change erupts hopefully generating a few waves for the weekend. But the strong southerlies tomorrow won’t give you joy…mostly onshore for Sat.

Don’t forget about the Beach Road Hotel Bondi Boardriders Single Fin Classic to be held on Saturday 28th October. It’s shaping up to be a hot day. Start time is now 7:30am (not lunchtime). More

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