Friday, October 27, 2006

Back home. No more trips away for sometime now. I promise.

Bondi had a few small waves this morning. South swell pushing weak 2-3 foot sets in the south. Couple of workable peaks. Not smokin’ – but still surfable. NW/NE 10/15 kts increasing to 15/20 kts offshore. Winds turning W/SW 18/23 kts in the afternoon or evening. Nice day with a decent 28 degrees…good¬†beach day.

Now I’ve been talking it up all week – yep the Beach Road Hotel Single Fin Classic is on tomorrow down at South Bondi . The waves are going to be 3 foot in the morning and bigger as the day progresses – yeha! So the comps got good waves. It’s a must to come down and watch/surf…drag the esky down…looks to be mostly¬†sunny – its a hilarious day.

Note: All surfers must register at the marshaling area at least 45 minutes before their heat. Surfers who fail to do so will forfeit their spot to those on the weight list. All surfers as yet not paid up, and who haven’t made prior arrangements, may lose their spots to guys on the wait list who are willing to pay their fees. Quarter of a century division heats are at 11:30 and 11:50. If you’re surfing click here to download the heat draw. Any queries

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