Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hola. Once again there are a few waves around this morning – mainly shoulder high, sometimes head high. With today’s smaller swell (2.0m with smaller interval) it is producing a few more decent waves in comparison to yesterday’s straight-handers. Late session yesterday was the goods.

Early morning NW winds were promoting cleaner surfaces but there is still some wonk in this early bump. The 8:40am low tide was probably hindering it also, so best ride it mid tide and before the wind blows from the NE (15/20 knots) this afternoon. (High tide 3:30pm). The weather looks great with a maximum of 25 degrees and mostly sunny with a possibility of a lat thunderstorm.

Packed beach this morning with everyone getting into shape for summer. All sorts… including Charles the flamboyant Scot who was loitering in the south end (sans harem). Looks like he’s got a little website of his own… Check it out ::uge

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