Friday, November 03, 2006

Not much cooking in our district. Best head down to the Bra or an east facing beach with banks. Currently we’ve got a 1.5 metre NE swell, nothing at Bondi, south change around lunch time bringing rain, onshore southerly winds all weekend, swell increase Sunday afternoon to 4ft. Not too flash until then…

Since there’s no waves, we resorted to a body surf with Dave Rastovich who is town at the moment promoting his "Life Like Liquid" tour. Rasta has traveled the globe searching for perfect waves and along the way developed a truly unique style of music which epitomises the free surfing lifestyle.

Life Like Liquid is an audio visual experience that explores the creative realms of surfing, sound and life, with 13 tour stops along the surf rich East Coast of Australia. Rasta’s debut film, shot over 2 years has some incredible onboard tube riding clips…don’t miss it – Saturday 18th November:‘Selina’s Bar’ Coogee Bay Hotel with ‘King Tide’ from 8:00pm –

So kids…bored of surfing local? Mentawai 2006 season is pretty much over now. Time to book for next year…more

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