Monday, November 06, 2006

Come in, come in. Yes, lie down on the couch. Comfortable? Good, let’s begin. Today, I’d like to talk about this massive low that is haunting us over the past few days. Sou-easter onshore winds are terrorizing 4-6 foot chunks out at Bondi. It’s a complete mess again and we’re all going a little mental. You’d need to hit a beach like Manly that is out of the wind…otherwise re-order the bookshelves, clean the fridge out or watch Broken Down Melody until this onshore mania ends. Didn’t want to show you 5 shots of Bondi white foam washing machine…so I threw a few indo delights to keep us sane.

Shameless plug :: Most of this planet is covered in water. If you don’t have your dive ticket you miss out on a whole other aquatic playground. Summer is coming. Dooit dooit. Perfect xmas gift. Call Robin or Scot at Pro Dive Coogee (02) 9665 6333


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