Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Not a bad call on Pop Rock yesterday…if only I put $10,000 on the place. Lost by a whisker dammit. Celebrated like it won anyway with 9 million other messy mutes…there’d be some sore heads around the offices today!

The waves are very average today. Mush. Could have been better earlier, but the midday report is onshore slop around 3 foot. The good news is that the south swell machine cranks up to 6 foot plus tomorrow with a large period up to 12 secs (BOM issuing large surf warning – red alert!). That should wrap into all the nooks and crannies of Sydney. Unfortunately it will be onshore early tomorrow (go to Manly out of the wind),and then the wind will swing around to the east by the afternoon and then goes offshore (NW) for Friday morning. I like Friday – hoping it will straighten itself out…

The photos today were so average I just couldn’t publish them. Flat grey ugly things. So hope these Indonesian treats keep you dreaming of your next surf trip. Someone famous once said "you don’t need permission to go on holidays…"

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