Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A brand spankin’ new south swell sparks into Sydney after that cooling overnight front. The swell is still wobbly and unsettled, but by the time the winds swing from the SW around to the NE it should get more organized. Sets out the back were around head high, and pretty random. The mid-to-south corner had the best peaks…some held open…some closed…pot luck.

Spectacular light show this morning with low hanging clouds masking the fingers of God. This time of year you’ll get some great back lit shots as the sun now rises directly behind the waves in Bondi illuminating those green walls. All good.

High tide 04:38am, low tide 10:13am, high tide 16:20. Fine, mostly sunny day with maximum of 24 degrees. S/SW 15/20 kts easing to 10/15 kts in the morning and tending NE 10/15 kts in the afternoon and reaching 15/20 kts at night. Swell is on the up and tomorrow will be solid head high plus plus. Um… offshore (sw) in the early morning as well!

Unfortunately we’re all getting older (for real). With age we loose agility. Being less agile we surf kinda lame…(e.g. Jamie Verco). Suggestion to loosen things up – head up to Samudra’s Yoga + Surf retreats in Byron Bay. Next retreat 2nd Dec more info or call 1800 828 888 ::uge

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