Wednesday, November 22, 2006

chinas. Remember those sizzling beef dishes at ya local Chinese restaurant called Golden something? Golden Wok, Golden Eagle, Golden palace whatever …all kitted out pagoda style and riddled with msg? well that sizzling beef dish best describes today. ‘Cause its hot. Damn hot. You can feel it em dem bones at 5:30am. A super sweet and sour porka of 38 degrees today and I recommend pullin’ the pin on work and hit the beach for the arvo.

Surf. There is a small wind swell hitting from the north east. You’ll find peaks around 3 foot max. 2 foot standard. Not bad with the current NW wind combo. The water is super chilled fried ice cream after a night of NE blowing the top off it. You’ll still need your wetty and hit NE exposed beaches e.g. Curly, Bra, Whaley

Typical of this time of year, a violent south storm will follow this hot weather cooling the joint down. Tonight she’ll blow 30 knots from the south creating a few waves for exposed beaches tomorrow. So if you’re planning a balcony boozer expect a radical cooling into your 4 th Singapore Sling – well you properly won’t notice in that case. Tomorrow only managing to hit 26 but fine.

Seeya chinas :: Peng Ho

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