Thursday, November 23, 2006

If you were down the beach yesterday at 5pm you would have gone from sizzling beef to chilled crumbed sausages in 30 seconds flat. Yep that violent south change exploded and evacuated 2,000 from Bondi beach in under 10 minutes.

That south change brought a mini south swell for today. You’ll find rides approximately 2-3 foot at southern exposed beaches, bit junky still from the overnight 30 knots of howl. Still a few decent ones…fun. SW winds early, SE later, max 31 and fine, high tide 10:18 low tide 17:06

Now you know there are only two things to give this Christmas, either an original Aquabumps photographic print or a new board. Both will put you well high in the good books. Back Door Benny down at down at Six Ounce Board Store in Bondi is still taking xmas custom orders on his retro inspired surf vehicles. Call the hotline 9300 8339 and get sorted before this Sunday.

Soles for the Soul – Head down to the Beach Road Hotel tonight for the sneaker art exhibition. 7pm. Proceeds go to the Surfrider foundation. sixty shoes, 20 artists…adios::ugios

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