Friday, November 24, 2006

Junkyard. Well can’t be good everyday. Early SE winds made a mess of what little swell is around. Weak waist high waves broke randomly mid to south Bondi this morning. Wind will swing NE in the afternoon which will make for a good swim especially if it gets up to the predicted 27. High tide 11am, low tide 6pm.

This weekend is going to be sub 2 foot, fine weather with a south change on Sunday. Hit the beach …sans board, don’t think you’ll be needing that.

A few weeks ago the Bondi Board Riders held the Single Fin classic. Bad dancing. Loose surfing. Baaaaad outfits. See video

Have a great weekend. Come to the Aquabumps gallery for your Christmas shopping. Open Sat/Sun 10am to 4pm ::uge

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