Monday, November 27, 2006

So you’re a bit bored of 1 foot overcast dribbles? I hear ya pain. Well for today’s batch I’ve thrown in some drunken backpackers making out after a big night. Yup… summer is definitely here when a pissed guy missing a shoe asks for a light as I duck under for a morning swim. (was that you Mannie?)

For the next 2 days the surf is very lame. Pass the sauce. Wednesday is your best bet after a cooling south change rocks in – but it will be a little junkie (3ft). Tomorrow will be hot (31) with small waves. This Sunday looks like a cold snap again (max 20). Forget today kids. Pump the work out.

Put a smile on the faces of seriously ill and hospitalized children. How? Cough up $90 and check out the FIVE DESIGNERS show at the swanky Hilton hotel this Thursday 30th November, 7pm to 11pm. Designers include Lisa Ho, Wayne Cooper etc… Booking hotline 02 8425 5939 Proceeds go to the Starlight Foundation Australia. Tix $ include all drinks, food and show…web

And lastly, here be the shots from the weekends Miss Bondi heat 2 at the Beach Road hotel. I’m trialing a new photo gallery setup…let’s hope it doesn’t freak out.

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