Thursday, November 30, 2006

That storm sure did whip of some size. Bondi was breaking out the back around 5-6 foot solid. Pitty there wasn’t anything decent for them to break on. Most sets broke straight barely allowing a single turn. The inside corner in the south had a few frothas hackin’ sucky bank. I would drive…and find a beach with a decent bank.

Winds will swing from the S/SW right around to the NE today. I reckon that should take the bump out of the chunk this morning. So let it settle and surf south exposed beaches where it will be offshore later today.

This south swell is bit of a one-hit-wonder. It will disappear as fast as it came. Tomorrow 4ft in the morning then halve that in the arvo. Period 10 sec. 5am high tide, 10:47am low tide, 5pm high tide. 25 degrees today. 28 tomorrow.

We could all do with a bit more flex. Good for your surfing. Samudra yoga and surf retreats are starting up in West oz (Near Margies) early next year – website

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