Friday, December 01, 2006

how good is this weather? Lap it up. And what…a little 3 foot peak at south facing beaches with north easterly winds. Stop it. Bondi had some real fun ones earlier today on a couple of distinct peaks. Massive crowds. Loose the wettie to the warm water (20 degrees) but don the crash helmet as we come into the season of lethal loose boards…can hear the ambulances now.

The swell is fading fast and the NE will blow. Bad combo. Best time to surf is now. The weekend’s surf conditions look mini 2 foot and not worth it. Oh and more bad news – the weather turns bad with cooler weather (sat26sun22) and showers.

bondi to bronte swim.
You’ve probably walked the Bondi to Bronte but can you say that you’ve swum it? This Sunday 3rd Dec at 10am you can join 2000 swimmers in the Banana Boat Bondi to Bronte ocean swim! More

xmas is coming around faster than you think. I know a place where you can do all your shopping in the one place…yeah – the Aquabumps Photo Gallery in 98 Brighton Boulevard North Bondi. Open 10am to 4pm all weekend. Custom orders need 3 weeks…so no more mucking around. VIEW GALLERY PHOTOS Come in for look – email usdownload price guide

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