Monday, December 04, 2006

So we’re officially into summer now – so how ’bout it huh? Where is the bake? Only a wussy 22 degrees today as we have another wintery cool flash back. The weekend’s onshore winds have whipped up a messy 2 – 3 foot wave down at Bondi. It’s worthy of a paddle with the odd decent left working off two distinct peaks. Still breaking pretty random though with an agitated ocean and 5 – 10 knots of easterly. High tide 8:10am Low tide 14:53 high tide 20:48.

This swell will fade…fast…overnight in we enter another week of small small waves (boo). So if that twitch starts flaring up and you start acting a little bit weird I’d suggest doing your xmas shopping or something to keep you busy.

miss bondi.
Heat 3 of Miss Bondi was held at the Beach Road Hotel on Saturday. Here is some fotos to distract you from having an effective Monday in the office. Come see the Finals this Saturday 2pm beer garden of BRH.

Miss Bondi Heat 3

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