Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Patience has never been one of my virtues. Should it be one of yours, you’d probably enjoy a small wave at exposed south facing beaches this morning. Big long waits in between sets (yawn). They’re only breaking around waist to chest high when they do rock into town. But hey, the water is clear ‘n’ glassy & the sun is out which should be enough to distract you from most of your responsibilities today. Day for the beginner’s or beach day…

bad news.
The rest of the week is pretty boring with knee high waves for most of it. Time to do other things and clock up the brownie points in anticipation of another swell. Warm weather tomorrow 27. Enjoy.

win stuff.
You can never get enough free stuff…REEF and the new A Brokedown Melody album are giving away REEF packs which include T-shirt, thongs and key-ring (valued at $100). Have a crack at – enter (and give us a good reason why you should score)

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