Thursday, December 07, 2006

Spend a few days traveling, 3 flights, overnight rolling boat ride and you’ll come across water this blue. It’s freaky. Not a day goes past where I don’t get accused of some fancy photoshop dance work on these shots. So here are five fat ones straight outa the camera. No LSD enhanced filters here. Just seriously clear blue Indonesian water. May help that its also 3 kilometers deep…

So you’ve probably gathered by today’s shots we’re bang in the middle of a flat spell. Last night a south change rocked in flattening the local NE dribbly bits. We’ve currently got wind chop around 1 foot breaking in the middle of Bondi. Its still onshore. Forget about it. Couldn’t find anything worth pointing my lens at this morning. Not like yesterday. Hence the big blue shots.

sipping jetstreams.
Two big names. Taylor Steele and D.Hump. They’ve put out a book and movie "sipping jetstreams" that travels the far reaches of the globe from Marakesh to Barbados, Egypt to Japan, Venice to Cuba – see the flick at Bondi Open Air cinema Dec 15 Friday 6:30pm. Get your tickets now – All proceeds go to SurfAid International

miss bondi.
The finals this week. 2pm beach road hotel… more

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