Friday, December 08, 2006

Today could quite possibly be the most boring day down the beach. There are no waves. Not much sun. Onshore. No joy. I could have told you that without even heading down the beach – ’cause I bought two new boards this week…every time I get new boards it goes flat. They haven’t even been waxed up yet. I just look at them and check the paper for cheap flights outa here. Hawaii would be good today to see the finals of the pipe masters at 12ft. swell coming ? nope nothing…so give that Christmas party and extra nudge tonight.

miss bondi.
The finals are on tomorrow…and the beach road hotel will be heeeeaving…2pm sat 9th dec. downstairs beer garden. Photos heat 1 | heat 2 | heat 3

xmas gift guide for chix.
Here are some suggestions for the girlies to get their blokes this xmas. He will love u long time.

  1. A new board, just do it. You can’t go wrong. I’d say a summer fish shape or something he doesn’t have already. Check SixOunce. Aloha.
  2. boardies. You can never have too many of them (just like your bikinis). Modern Amusements are the pick. check GP for newies. Mambo has some pretty cool trippy ones out now. Rhythm has some original stuf.
  3. buy him a surf trip to the Mentawai islands. You’d be classified goddess should you fork out for one of these. Got a sister? Tengiri
  4. An Aquabumps original print photographic framed in white $180 (c’mon I had to) – see aquabumps gallery all weekend 10am to 4pm. best pics
  5. D.Hump’s new photo book Sipping Jetstreams
  6. how about a seaplane ride so he can check where he’s been surfing all this time from above. $225 Adrenalin
  7. Broken Down Melody soundtrack and surfing DVD. Good for flat spells like this one. Available at all surfshops. $50?
  8. surfing wettie top for summer – warm enough for about 5 months of the year…approx $180 ripcurl

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