Monday, December 11, 2006

silly season.

Watched a fare avoiding drunk guy get chased around Bondi park for 10 minutes this morning…cabbie in hot pursuit hurlin’ abuse. Thats just about the most action I saw down there this morning. Like something out of Benny Hill. Hope his ride wasn’t from Penrith. Silly season in full effect.

Not much chop surfwise. That little surprise swell of the weekend has been beaten up by the summer nor-easterlies. We’re not left with a great deal this morning (1ft), especially at south facing beaches (e.g. Bondi). This wind swell is wobbling in from the NE direction and lacks grunt. More exposed beaches like Bra or Whaley would show more size. 2ft+

It’s a great beach day nonetheless with 30 feisty ones. This NE wind is going to howl at 30 knots later today though. Surf forecast is still lame. Go see your shrink about that twitch.

miss bondi. steph.
The 10th annual Miss Bondi was won by Stephanie Dey on Saturday in front of a frothin’ crowd. Check out the pics of the finals.

later chinas::uge

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