Thursday, December 14, 2006


Bondi is famous for the big sunny wearing, made up, glamour morning joggers…all polished with matching trackies, big ear rings and a poodle boot…its all about the "be healthy" revolution kids. Well not this morning…plenty taking this festive season very seriously…

From what started as an overcast sloppy day, it’s sure fining up into a cracker. Waves are small 2 – 3 foot with a light offshore (SW). It’s still bumpy, fat and lacking decent grunt. But hey…with a forecast of 30 sizzlers and clear skies – best make your way down the beach.

nuttin’ coming.

Forecast is still for average sub-3 footers for the next few days. Weekend looks to be a wet one, so better enjoy it today! Later chinas::uge

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