Friday, December 15, 2006

My mate Dave has a shrink. His shrink reckons he needs more hobbies. Why? ’cause when the surf gets this baaaaad, he gets nervous twitches and seriously needs to find something else to do. The surf is baaad today. Real baaad. Not only is it overcast & wet but its not even breaking. So if you were delusional and wanted to paddle out, you’d have the joint to yourself…well maybe with some nice skanky run off pollution…you won’t be catching too many waves thats for sure. Bit chilly as well with max of 20 degrees. Nothing worth shooting this morning – so I thought some archival Indonesian gold would cheer you up and keep you going in between swells…2ft all weekend…wet…eeck.

My other talented mates Damo (Fuller) and Fern have been busy tigers putting together a spectacular exhibition called “ Community Garden ”. You really need to see it. Its like stuff you’ve not seen before…true…illustrations, etchings, jewelry. They have a gallery next door to JEDS on 96 Glenarye Street Bondi – Saturday and Sunday 11am till 4pm. See website

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