Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Xmas.
Merry Christmas to you all and may 2007 be a cracker year full of good swells.

Sydney continues to have freaky cool weather and 1-2 foot surf (yawn)…so let’s not talk about that as its depressing. Over here in Western Australia it’s a heat wave with crystal clear water! (um but still no waves)

You may be fooled in thinking that this website was run by one punter – some weird guy that you can’t pronounce is nickname (uge – yooj -ooggie something like that). Nope. There is a team of people who generously give their time for free and really make it happen. As Aquabumps runs into its 8th year with well over 20,000 daily readers all over the globe, I would like to thank a whole bunch of people…

Firstly thanks Jamie Verco and Vanessa Rowe who give ridiculous amounts of time for not a cracker. Even though Jamie said back in 1998 that my idea of a surf photo site ‘ain’t gonna work mate…stick to working at hungry jacks’ – eat that. Ness & Jamie you’re champions and your guidance and support is invaluable.

Aquabumps Gallery staff Linda, George, K-T white doggie, La Barb, My Ma, Maddog, Jo. Thanks – you all do some much. Mentors: Jason Neely, Damo Fuller, Mike Kean, Andrew Cuccurullo, Zac Zavos (genius). Thanks. Mischee me bookie. Thanks. Kelvin Khoo for techo support. Chibby for humor control. Thirsty Kirsty Gow Gates for hookups. Aquatech boys for my housings. Canon for their future sponsorship in 2007 (please.beg.c’mon) The Miss Bondis for looking good as always. All the advertisers on the site. Deb for organizing all my flights. Foxy. Kylie for my first digi cam. Eclipse for allowing me to use one of the 1st bulk emailers in the land (for free). Carl Woodie for programming wizardry. Damian Simpkins. Coopers beer. Richard from Underwater Australia. Shuvs, for endlessly puttin’ the word out there. Tim Kelley the financial genius. Telstra BigPond for being a hot advertiser. Tengirri for Mentawai tours. All the people that have purchased prints from the gallery. All the loyal readers. thanks for puttin’ up with my bad¬†grammar. Thanks for the thousands of emails of encouragement. Big thanks.

Big plans for 2007 – you’ll see…have a safe holiday ::uge (that is pronounced yooj and is short for Eugene – just had to clarify that).

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