Thursday, December 21, 2006

good cracker.
Well what do ya know… We’ve got waves today. They’re not perfect. But when you’ve been wondering around in the desert for the past few weeks and come across a cracker – that cracker will be the best damn cracker you’ve ever had.

Bondi had waves breaking around 3 foot. Some had a wall. Some porked out (std). Some had heaps of morning sickness wonk. All in all its fun. Swell is from the East and has a period of 7 (which ain’t great). Winds are currently onshore with ENE…but will swing more to the NE this afternoon (it will clean up). High tide 09:23 low tide 16:11. max 23 today with a chance of a thunderstorm later. Perfectly sunny right now…

Its probably you’re second last day at work at everyone is out getting loaded at chrissy lunches. Good time to sneak off…grab the board…and paddle into a couple.

I don’t like shopping at the best of times. Christmas time is 10 times worse. So an idea would be to come down to the Aquabumps Gallery over the next few days and get a present for everyone. Stock is in. Small white wooden frames start at $180…and some small unframed at $35. Open until 7pm tonight. All weekend 10am to 4pm. >View gallery images | >Gallery Info

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