Monday, March 19, 2007

Real tidy day kickin’ off with a burning sunrise and silky clean surfaces. Small 3 footers breaking into Bondi – well worth a paddle around 7am. But within two hours, when the 9am high tide flooded in, not much around at all. Perhaps when the tide goes back down again something will pop up. (low tide 3:30pm). This small swell is from the south – so Av, Curly, Nulla should all have a small wave earlier today before the high.

crystal ball.
No thumpin’ big swells predicted this week, but Tuesday and Wednesday looking fun as the wave period beefs up to 12/13. So perhaps a bit of groundswell to arrive tomorrow from the south (3 foot +). Winds will be northerly Tuesday and Wed, onshore Thursday. Few good beach days this week…tomorrow should be a cracker with 29 and sunny.

chris malloy.
Broken down melody is one of the greatest surf films around. There is a special screening at Barrenjoey High School (North Avalon) this week with a special guest appearance from the director surfer Chris Malloy. Wednesday 21st March 6pm to 9pm. Entry is free and just rock up. later, ::uge

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