Tuesday, March 20, 2007

brazilians. gotta love em.
No girls, not what you’re thinking. I am talking about 65 kilo, 5’6" bundle of Brazilian pocket rocket – Adriano De Souza. This flamboyant Sao Paulo shredder finished up 20th on the world tour last year (he’s only 20). 4 years ago he took out the World Pro Junior championship at North Narra and hasn’t stopped decimating any lips in his path. From this morning I gather his favourite move seems to be frontside airs…um even on a 1 foot shorey I saw him bust out a 3 foot-high air…

You’ve probably guessed today’s shots ain’t from Bondi…go north. We’ve currently got the beginnings of a small east south east ground swell. The buoys reckon the period jumps from 5 to 13 in between 4am & 10am today. That’s good stuff as waves should pack a bit more heat. Early today you’d find 2-3 foot sets. This afternoon should be bigger (4ft). Glassy morning with barely a breath of wind. NE will blow later today 10/15 knots. Next couple of days will be a bit of fun…

morgan mellish.
On a very sad note, you probably all know about the 5 Australians that died in an Indonesian jet crash (GA200). Fin Review journalist Morgan Mellish was amongst them. Morgan a mad keen surfer and Aquabumps subscriber, was only the other day emailing me about perfect breaks he’d found in Indo…well this Saturday 24th March there is a memorial paddle out at Bronte, 11am – all meeting in the south end. Condolences to family and friends. View Morgan’s Memorial Blog

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