Thursday, March 29, 2007

bottomed out.
All day yesterday I was hearing stories of great waves from all corners of this big island – Snapper Rocks to Stanwell, Margaret River to Whaley. What a great day of surfing it was in Sydney. Corka. Disappointingly today is half the size…as the SE swell bottoms out overnight. Bondi was mostly 3 foot with the odd freak 4 foot set, but the 5:30am high tide put a heap of pork in the chunk today. Perhaps closer to the midday low tide you might see some improvement.

Looks like its going to be warm 27 degrees, with overcast skies making it humid. Currently offshore NW winds, but a late SW change will rock in tonight.

Swell direction will kick around to the east tomorrow and increase in size. Saturday looks good as the swell kicks back to its native SE direction and continues to maintain size (3-4 foot). So all in all, there are decent waves over the next couple of days, hope you get a couple ::uge

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