Wednesday, April 04, 2007

late show 1:30pm
Before you all give me heaps for running a late report today – you’d be glad to know that the surf has improved from this morning. The thunderous rain has parted and sunshine prevails…oh and its over head high on sets and some fun stuff on offer. Still a little unsettled from the overnight storm, but heaps of waves and not many out. So the water is like 22 degrees, and the waves should get better into the arvo – tools down. High tide 9am, low tide 3pm, 22 on the land, 22 in the water, winds swinging NE right now.

Tomorrow looks good with ESE swell and NNW winds early. Overnight it should clean itself up and I’d head somewhere with a decent bank or reef. Easter weekend looks like waves – but its not going to be pretty on the beach with lots of rain.

board auction (with right link this time – der..)
16 unique and exclusive 6’6" Aloha short boards custom designed for each NRL club are sure to become collectables. Bid for your club surfboard from Friday 30 March to Wednesday 4 April. All proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Association. Click here to make a bid (sorry I had the WRONG link yesterday!)

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