Thursday, April 05, 2007

slip diff.
Huey has stepped down a gear or two – but there’s still some good waves around this morning. Winds are a perfect light NW offshore, sun is out and you’ll score 3 foot sets down at Bondi.

Swell direction is predominantly SE (tad more east in it). Loads of places would have a surfable wave – nothing on the 4-5 footers of yesterday afternoon. By the way, got over 45 emails claiming that my first pic yesterday of Sam Mac was a hoax – that Bondi doesn’t get that good – and it looked like Backdoor Pipe – well – it did – and that was for real. On my mother.

High tide 9:45am, low tide 3:30pm, water still balmy 22 (boardies!), Showers developing, max 25, with a fresh southerly change that will wreck things later today.

Easter weekend wrap – tomorrow you might get an early SW offshore before kickin’ into a strong southerly onshore wind pattern for 4 days. Sunday looks to be the biggest – but flanked with nemesis onshores it will be a challenge to find something out of the wind. It will moistly rain all Easter with only 21 degrees. So drag out the jumpers and head to a point with southerly protection.

Only shut the Aquabumps gallery 2 weekends a year – and Easter is one of them. Sorry. Still can window shop and email/call.
Laters::bakin’ it to beat the traffic!

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