Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beautiful waves.
It’s pretty hard to get sick of looking at perfect empty waves. Up here in Mentawai they’re everywhere. Every night the wind backs off to nothing creating silky smooth cylinders. A Photographer’s dreamland. This is the last report from Tengirri’s fly bridge. Many thanks to Telstra for supplying internet connections via Satellite for this trip. It’s kinda weird having guys in dug out canoes sitting next to the boat and I am beaming pics back to rest of the world via outerspace.

Looks like Bondi will have waves today. 3-5 foot. But the onshore 15 knot SE will flank. Mostly cloudy with 22 degrees..

Book yourself a surf trip. Season has just started. You won’t regret it. Tengirri Later::uge

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