Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day 9 on a boat with 7 guys and things start turning a little loco. 1 guy onboard has formed Tourette’s and is now our crowd clearer – just screaming abuse at anyone for no reason. Another can’t stop hurting himself (Harvey). He’s a walking accident up here – he’s already been patched up a few times and I don’t think he has any boards left. Another can’t stop talking. Total verbal diarrhea. Our skipper is living solely on coca-cola and kit kats (oh and 18 tinnies and two packs of Marlborough lights – mmm staple diet).Couple others have started a duet of Billy Joel humming in the line up. No wonder we’re getting waves on our own. No one wants to surf anywhere near us. I guess this is what Big Brother is like. The surf is small at the moment – which turns the loco dial up a couple of notches. Only 3-4 foot sets at a soft right breaking on the shores of thick jungle. Pray for swell.

Did you know the Mentawai Islands are sinking? Apparently the archipelago is positioned on a volatile tectonic plate that is sliding underneath another plate. Only couple of centimeters per year the entire joint drops. Today I drove through a mangrove that has huge submerged trees that were once above sea level. Freaky.

Would love to give you a detailed Sydney surf report with all the micro details and forecast. But can’t cause I’m in the middle of nowhere. Back soon. Later::uge

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