Wednesday, May 02, 2007

northside chilli.
The world would be a better place if we had more days like today. Perfect sunshine. Mighty fine 25 degrees. Brilliant NW offshores with 2-3 metre SSE swell pumping into our beaches. Today I headed north in search of better banks…Bondi was 4-5 foot when I checked it at sunrise, but mostly closing out straight. Beautiful Avalon had a few waves – smaller than Bondi, but not really cranking on the fullish early morning high tide. (High 8am). Av could do with a few chunks of sand as well – keep driving…

Caught up 3 legendary board shapers keeping their eye in down at Av. Chilli – who’s pretty much had every top 44 surfer on his boards at some stage, Lost man Matt Bios from California and upcoming craftsmen Lee Stacey. For guys that are covered in foam dust all day with planer in hand, they throw out a bit of heat on a small day down at Av.

Unfortunately tomorrow the swell drops even more leaving us with 2 foot with 3 foot sets at South facing beaches. It’ll be windy day tomorrow (NW) but mostly fine weather for another week!

thirsty merc.
Those jazz loving Dubbo boys from Thirsty Merc have put out their new Album – SLIDESHOWS. Can’t get enuf good aussie music… later:: uge

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