Thursday, May 17, 2007

Interesting day today… At first I thought it was Damo talking too close to my lens and it was foggin’ up (lotta hot air there). But really it was the blanket of thick fog covering the bay making North Bondi not visible from south. Initially it was very hard to see what the surf was doing. As the fog lifted slightly, it revealed a huge pack sittin’ on south bondi lefts. It seems no one else knew there were 40 other guys out there already when they decided to paddle out. At present its clean 1-2 foot. Swell from the east. 8 sec period. Wind WSW. But by 4pm today the swell will pump from the south with a 15 sec period. Now ya torkin. Should be 4-5 foot by nightfall.

random bits :: I didn’t get a shot of the Sting ray running me outta town yesterday. Kinda busy avoiding it :: Emails are still getting to you late I know. Working on it :: Can you believe 10,000 people a week are still looking at those Aquabumps Miss Bondi shots from Dec 2006! :: Teahuppo finals are on today after they extending the waiting period. Its 4-6 foot today. But has been such a small year over there. watch it live (Click LIVE)::adios, ugios

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