Monday, May 28, 2007

Not bad waves for a flat spell huh? The charts have been calling pancakes for the past 7 days… but I’ve surprisingly found stealth two footers for most of it. Today the south end of Bondi had the odd head high set if you waited 30 minutes. Great conditions with little wind and a full sky of sunshine. Low tide at 11:30am, High tide 6pm, land max of 23, water 20. NW winds swinging NE this afternoon.

On the weekend we baked it out of town and found 2-3 footers on a remote beach. Perfect. Water was the clearest I’ve ever seen in Australia. Simply ridiculous. And what… Joel Fitz, ex WCT surfer and son of legendary Terry Fitzgerald ripping it up. Stop it.

Forecast for this weekend is looking good. South swell. Decent size. Get excited.

Later, uge

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