Friday, May 25, 2007

The good weather continues as the swell subsides. Its flat most of the time…but every 15 minutes a 2 foot set rocks into the bay. Nw winds this morning with NE later today. You’re not missing out on much that’s for sure. Great day for a swim. Max land 21. Water 20. Forecast for the weekend is very small surf. Like knee cappers. In fact we’re bang in the middle of a massive flat spell. I’ve just booked a ticket to Mentawais…and Tahiti.

If you’re a man grommet (or chick grommet) and haven’t progressed from the coolites…then there is a comp on tomorrow for you. The Soft on. Bondi 8:30am Saturday 26 th May. Still places available but register now –

aquabumps monthly vid
Did you see this? 3 mins of Bondi by Linda Benson

The Aquabumps gallery is open all weekend 10am to 4pm. Yep. And there is some new stuff…with this good weather and no surf, I suggest breakky in Bondi, then walk up North Bondi to some pics. Later, uge (yooj)

One thought on “Friday, May 25, 2007

  1. Hi Gina, we don’t have any sales scheduled for Newport at the memnot but we always send out email blasts to people on our mailing list when we do have a sale coming up. So great to hear you love our clothes too!

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