Thursday, May 24, 2007

dolphin circus.
I’ve been shooting Bondi for a good part of 8 years now. No medal please. But how unlucky is this… 15 minutes after I finished shooting yesterday a huge school of fish (large Salmon) rocked into the bay. I’ve seen aerial shots of the school – I am talking a pack 40 metres wide in front of the pav. Moments later (at exactly 7:45am) 200 dolphins charged the bay cornering the fish in the south end. Bondi Lifeguard Dino calling it "best ever". Airborne dolphins everywhere…stopping traffic on Campbell Parade…a freak spectacle at Bondi…and I don’t have a shot to show you. Sorry. But thanks for the 1000 emails and phone calls…it’s like that old saying "should have been here earlier later buddy"…next time. next time.

Most people calling it flat. If you wait long enough one does come. But it could take 15- 20 minutes. I saw a set wave hedging 3 feet. Majority were 1-2 foot. It’s clean, and suffering straightness, but not cranking. As we look down the barrel of 5 days of flatness…I would surf it before it disappears later today. Nice day…just frosty.

indigenous twin art show
check out – KIMBERLEY & YUENDUMU:: An exhibition of paintings by artists from 2 distinct areas, natural ochres on canvas and acrylics on linen featuring works by Judy Watson, Shorty Robertson, Freddie Timms, Jack Britten, Liddy Walker, Beryline Mung Mung and Paddy Stewart. Opening Night May 30th until July 3rd. interested?

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