Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Well what do you know… Stumbled across a little oasis in the middle of the desert. 3 foot sets this morning amongst a week of flatness. It was lining up nicely at 7am. Some too straight. Some ran down the shallow bank just right. Not many crew braving the frosty morning. That dash across the sand was no fun at all. This pulse of south swell will be short lived. By lunchtime it would have ran out of juice leading into a flat spell for 5 days or more. So if you’re not surfing right now, I would say you’ve missed it.

How good is that warm morning light? Perfect weather today. Minimum 10, Max 20, water roughly 20 degrees. Still warm. Best time of year.

Big soft-on this Saturday. Foamie Comp down at Bondi. Starts at 8:30am. Everyone is welcome to enter. Just register. – Or how about the foamie art comp. Insight. Monster kids. Refill. Stabbers all transforming 10 foamies into artworks and yep they’re up for auction at the Beach Road Hotel from 7:30pm tomorrow night (Thurs). All proceeds go to our buddies at Surf Aid.

gallery bench for sale.
Shamelessly using my broadcast for person use – I need to sell my gallery bench today. 3300mmx840mm. Great for a reception desk/shopfront/another gallery. Seats 2 people with heaps of space. Click here to view

Later, uge

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