Tuesday, May 22, 2007

As winter ticks over another notch into the chill zone, the water remains remarkably warm at twenty-1. Good for an invigorating morning dip, but surfing is just out of the question. Pancake heaven. She’s flat as. And yes there were still two surfers scrapping for an ankle biter. The charts show a little bump hittin’ Sydney later today, as in 2 foot max, with a swell direction of SW. yup. So it’s coming from the Opera house which should be interesting. Don’t wag work. The next 6 days look flat and I’ve got the travel agent on speed dial. As the ASP world tour now has a break until July, all the pros are hittin’ Mentawai. Nice. Seeing they’re calling it the best swell in the last 20 years up there. Love getting texties from all the boats "you should be up here…"

Do something clever today. Reorder the CD cabinet into colour combos.
Later, uge

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