Monday, 21 May 2007

busted buoys.
Surely there is something wrong with those lil’ out-to-sea swell bouys. ‘Cause when I’m looking at them this morning it was giving me nuttin’ but 6 days of flat-to-micro. Ah-huh.
ah, tomorrow afternoon a small south swell will poke its head out…(2-3 foot if we’re lucky)…but it will evapourate 12 hours later. Blink and you’ll miss it. So lets hope the charts are wrong, otherwise there will be a whole heap of grumpy crew around the joint. So many other spots have been cranking lately – check Margies last week (massive), Indo was smokin’ Friday/Saturday…infact the whole Indian Ocean lit up last week! Couple of hot waves Friday afternoon locally – but sadly they didn’t hang around long.

Beautiful morning down at Bondi nonetheless. 1 footers closing out on the low tide banks (6:15am low). Fine and 20 today. Windy and chilly 17 tomorrow. (that wind is bringing the local wind swell).

Have a great week ::uge

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