Monday, August 13, 2007

I know what you’re thinking… It’s been a while since one of these little Aquabumps puppies hijacked your inbox. What the hell is going on? In summary, was in Bali last week for a decent swell (and to do nothing). The Island of the Gods turned up the heat last Tuesday / Wednesday – Ulus 8-10 foot, Padang Padang 6 foot.

So why no reports from Bali? Well many reasons: a)my 17inch lappie drowned in a flat white b)its party season up there – Europe has moved in c)there was an earthquake (apparently that stopped all internet connections – apparently). I even got told that mobile phones don’t work in Bali when it’s cloudy. Go figure. Those little fellas make me laugh sometimes. Anything that went wrong with anything last week – it’s the earthquake. Small waves? – blame it on the earthquake. Wrighty’s bad hair do? – the earthquake…

So now we’re back in Bondi… A very choppy weak wind swell is only managing 1-2 foot. The southerlies are into it…10 knots, but it’s a great day, feels a lot warmer than the forecasted 17 degrees. The next 4 days look sub-standard in the surf department. Hopefully the new swell towards the end of the week will bring relief. Adios, uge

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