Monday, 4 February 2008

There’s been quite a bit of tork about an anticipated new swell coming…well it hasn’t arrived yet (12:30pm). This morning it was full, 2 foot, wet and grey. 3 guys out at 7am (think that sums it up – couldn’t even get a shot). Some charts show a swell increase tonight (4-5 foot). I’ll believe it when it gets here. NE winds currently increasing to 15-20 knots this afternoon (which will hopefully kick up the swell). Enjoy the rain…my car needed a wash anyway. Here are some pics from Australia day 2008 – a real big day down at Bondi.

These remote controlled surfers are taking off here in North Bondi. Saw one do an aerial the other day…no I wasn’t drinking. remote surfer

It’s a bit weird looking at your mates wife in the NUD. But hey, I will do anything for charity. Bondi’s first lady Annalise Braakensiek, model/actress extraordinaire has bared all in Black and white. You can buy a signed print all in the name of charity. Click here

Stay dry…uge

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