Tuesday, 5 February 2008

In between the showers I saw a little peaky chest to head high wave down at South Bondi. Its relatively clean and uncrowded, but probably a little toxic right in the corner next door to the rain water runoff pipe. Swell is from the ENE – so places like the Bra would be a foot or so bigger. Hopefully the ocean will settle in and put on some good waves later today. Next couple of days look quite good.

shark bite?
That mad local Brazilian – Icarus – who works at Six Ounce claims he was bitten by a shark last week. Yep. Surfing right in the corner last Tuesday around midday his board stopped dead in the water catapulting him in the air. After resurfacing he noticed a chunk out of his board. Initially he thought it was a tourist’s loose board…but then noticed teeth marks in his brand spankin’ new stick. Shark? Hungry fish? who knows…later: uge

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