Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Damn its hot over here in the SW of WA…38 degrees to be precise. It’s a bit like standing in an oven. The run across the sand to these deserted beaches is torturous – even your thongs melt.

At present we’re experiencing some very uncharacteristic conditions here in WA, the winds are all day offshore…no cooling Fremantle doctor making it bake. Good times down south as there is a hint of clean 3 footers at exposed beaches. No one around (hence barely any surfers in these shots).

Looks like you’re experiencing a wintery south change at the moment and only 1-2 foot. Sit tight until the wind goes…as the swell is on the rise for the weekend.

sunday program
Not many of you will be up at 9am on a Sunday especially when it looks like 5 foot and offshore…but this Sunday on Channel 9 at 9am (SUNDAY PROGRAM) they’re doing a lil’ story on Aquabumps…

Valentines day tomorrow. Listen up fellas, a slab of beer, pizza and surf movie with the lady just ain’t gonna cut it – nor is a bib with greasy ribs at Hurricanes…maybe get her a framed photo from the Aquabumps Gallery 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi t:9130 8371 – we’re open Wed-Friday 10am to 5pm or ALL weekend 10am to 4pm

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